Professor of Military Science at JTX Event


As an Army ROTC Cadet you can receive many benefits:

**These are just some of the benefits that you can earn as a Cadet. Speak to Cadets individually and you will find that each will tell you of much more personal benefits and gains that they have found in their development as Scholars, Athletes, and Leaders.**

  • The Leadership Edge! The advantage over your peers of Leadership training in ROTC and being on the cutting edge of leadership while serving in the Army. Training and experience valued by business and industry.
  • Career as a Professional Army Officer. The opportunity to serve and develop a career as a professional officer in the US Army either full time on Active Duty or in the Reserves one weekend a month and two weeks annual training.
  • Teamwork. Be a part of a great team in defense of our Nation.
  • Professional Experience and Network. Gain experience as a military officer and maintain your connections with the military throughout your life.
  • Physical and Mental Toughness/Fitness. Push yourself to get in shape and stay tough.
  • Bearing and Confidence. Develop military bearing and the self confidence that comes with military training and discipline.
  • Further Your Education. Take advantage of summer internships offered during ROTC, and the GI Bill or other Army incentives to pay for graduate school in the Army or after you complete your service. The Army also has a Student Loan Repayment Program for additional service.
  • Specialized Army Training and Security Clearance. Apply to attend Airborne school and jump out of airplanes, or Air Assault school and rappel out of helicopters. Get a security clearance that opens doors for future employment in the defense industry.
  • Military Facilities and Health Care. Take advantage of commissary and post exchange privileges, free health care through the military, and military recreational areas and equipment.
  • Tradition and Honor of Military Service. Military Service is consistently ranked as one of the most honorable professions in public opinion polls and has a long tradition at the University of California, Berkeley dating back to 1870.
  • Monthly Stipends (Contracted Cadets). Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors receive $420.